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l'art vintage

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Anybody , Moderated

l'art vintage is a place for anyone to post anything vintage. vintage ads, paintings, stories, poetry ANYTHING goes.

inspiration for this community goes to vintage_sex which has lovely vintage nude pictures. i decided that i love it, but i wanted a place for anything vintage. paintings and drawings..as far back as you want.

Your own renditions of vintage style are also welcome.

1) be kind. If you aren't bye bye. haven't had any troubles though. :)
2)please keep pictures under 450 width, if larger use the lj cut. nudity is allowed and does not have to be in a cut if it's the right size.
3) if posting more than 3 images use the lj cut as well. (or it's a veryyyyyyyy long text entry. if you don't know how you can post and ask.)
4) advertisting for communities is okay IF it is art related. And no rating community ads. no exceptions.
5) please don't remove the no comment feature.

thank you ! :) ♥

- yourghosts (community maintainer)

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